TV BOY LLC (TV BOY), is a leading provider of technical consulting services and technology, specializing in hidden camera television production. For over a decade, creative agencies, television networks and production companies have relied on TV BOY to deliver skilled personnel and advanced gear to help them achieve their creative vision. By combining a consultative approach, expert staff, and an expansive inventory of video and sound gear, TV BOY offers a complete solution for a variety of production needs.

Chris Morgan and Andrew Lane launched TV BOY in 2003, as a boutique production services company specializing in hidden camera productions. Identifying a need, Chris and Andrew began to develop TV BOY's current business model - a complete production package featuring technical consulting services along with innovative video and sound gear to support the unique needs of hidden camera, point of view and non-traditional productions. TV BOY's portfolio of services has expanded to include non-hidden camera productions, expert staffing solutions and equipment rentals.

Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, TV BOY supports a broad range of clients worldwide including creative agencies, production companies, and cable and broadcast television networks. Starting with MTV's Boiling Points, TV BOY has been involved in hundreds of notable productions, including Discovery's Storm Chasers, ABCNEWS' What Would You Do?, and the "Breathe Right" series of commercials for Febreze® (winner of Silver and Bronze Lions Awards at Cannes Lions 2011)

From television and web commercials to multi-camera competition reality programming, TV BOY enables its clients to achieve their creative visions by leveraging our proven technical expertise, skilled staff and extensive technology inventory.
  • TV Boy NYC - Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane
    Owner Andrew co-founded TV BOY in 2003 with Chris Morgan. He was the Technical Director for Burger King's "Whopper Freak Out" commercial campaign as well as the Hidden Camera Director of Photography for Office Max's "Schooled" commercial series in both 2006 and 2007. Prior to that, Andrew served as the Technical Supervisor for several reality shows including Bravo's Top Chef: Las Vegas, the Food Network's Sweet Genius (Season 2) and Lifetime's Project Runway Allstars. Andrew was also the Technical Director for Discovery's Storm Chasers (Seasons 4,5 and 6). In 2012, Andrew returned to his prank show roots and served as Director of MTV's Totally Clueless? He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds a B.A in Advertising. He likes little baby ducks, slow moving trains and rain.
  • TV Boy NYC - Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan
    Owner Following a successful movie career as the 3rd Stuntman in the independent film Dark Angels (Atlanta, 1996), Chris co-founded TV BOY with Andrew Lane in 2003. He has served as Technical Supervisor for popular reality competition shows such as Next Food Network Star (Seasons 3-8) and Food Network's Worst Cooks in America (Seasons 1-4). Prior to that, Chris served as Technical Director for numerous hidden camera shows including MTV's Boiling Points, Nick at Nite's Hi-Jinks and ABCNEWS' What Would You Do? Chris is a graduate of Ohio University with a B.A. in History and a B.F.A. in Art History. In his free time, Chris enjoys crashing Mensa meetings, watching Ohio football, and creating still life paintings of bacon.
  • TV Boy NYC - Brian Lastname
    Brian Morrissey
    Chief Operating Officer Brian met Andrew Lane and Chris Morgan in 2000 when all three first started in production. After their paths diverged, Brian called Chris and Andrew for work on a Thursday in 2009. He was hired that Friday. As COO, Brian oversees all operations and administration for the company, managing finance, legal, and client relationships. Since joining the company, Brian has orchestrated the expansion of TV BOY's staff and technology infrastructure while significantly improving profitability and efficiency. Brian graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Cinema and Cultural Studies from SUNY Stony Brook. A former wilderness guide in Glacier National Park, Brian was hired for his unique ability to interpret animal behavior. He often reminds staff not to feed Chris or Andrew and encourages them to “play dead” if the two exhibit signs of aggression.
  • TV Boy NYC - Nick Skolnick
    Nick Skolnick
    Head Technical Director Nick started freelancing with TV BOY at its inception. TV BOY quickly became Nick's biggest client, and hired him as a full time employee in 2008. As Head Technical Director, Nick is constantly on the lookout for new technology that helps him capture people in action without them knowing (some refer to this as "hidden camera"). Nick's technical expertise spans from commercials and shorts to popular reality television. He was the Technical Director on the "Wrecking Bunny" commercial for H&R Block® and the "Breathe Right" series of commercials for Febreze® which won Silver and Bronze Lions Awards at Cannes Lions 2011. He also served as Technical Director for ABCNEWS' What Would You Do? Nick earned his B.A. in Broadcast Business Management at Arizona State University. When he's not working, Nick enjoys planning, prepping and executing complicated hidden camera cable and network television productions.
  • TV Boy NYC - Rob Lastname
    Rob Curtin
    Senior Technical Director Another TV BOY "OG", Rob serves as Lead Technical Director. Rob has worked as Technical Supervisor, Technical Director, and Camera Operator for a wide range of commercials, reality competition, and hidden camera productions. A native of Long Island who now lives in Long Island City (which last we checked is on Long Island), Rob graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Television and Video with a minor in Speech/Communnications & Rhetorical Studies. Rob spends his free time playing golf – which he loves—though he insists players around him wear Kevlar helmets.
  • TV Boy NYC - Michael Lastname
    Michael Bergman
    Director of Audio Michael is the man behind the sound for TV BOY, and has been since 2007. His extensive resume includes television series such as Food Network's Worst Cooks In America (Season 2), Next Food Network Star (Season 4) and 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, MTV's Totally Clueless, and ABCNEWS' What Would You Do? With over 15 years of production sound experience—and ample skill in building custom sound gear packages for a variety of productions, Michael's true expertise is capturing audio for hidden camera. Michael graduated cum laude from Ball State University with a B.A. in Political Science. When Michael is not busy perfecting the sound for TV BOY, he is taking full advantage of loopholes in wiretapping legislation to stay one step ahead of the competition.