Comtek M-216 Transmitter

High performance, frequency synthesized transmitter with BNCRF output in place of mic input jack, dedicated aux or line-level input, and extended low-frequency response. Includes C-216 carrying case, SLW-216 loaded flexible helical antenna with BNC connector.

The M-216 Option P7 is the perfect on-the-go field transmitter offering directors, crew, and client reliable and superior sounding wireless program monitoring. For use with the PR-216 or PR-216 Option 7 wireless receivers, this portable, battery-powered transmitter is built to withstand the most demanding needs of location sound monitoring. Equipped with a flexible short whip antenna, the M-216 Option P7 offers superior RF transmission and a greater operating range. It has an adjustable gain control and a single LED VU meter that offers a quick visual reference to indicate audio input level.